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Welcome to Trinity

Trinity Technology Group is a solutions-oriented company that provides security support for the nation’s critical infrastructure
and information of sensitive missions and operations.

We serve the national defense and intelligence communities and the commercial sector. From years of experience protecting
both military and business operations, we know that each mission or business operation has different, specific needs. We
customize our protection solutions based on a thorough and balanced assessment of an operation’s requirements and goals.

We are trained and qualified to safeguard sensitive national programs and technologies and we blend practical knowledge
and technical skills to create customized protection solutions for each organization’s vital assets.

Trinity Technology Group serves the Department of Homeland Security, Transportation Security Administration (DHS/TSA). We welcome strategic teaming arrangements with businesses that provide services complementary to our core business areas.

Customers needing assistance resolving a security screening issue at a Trinity operated Airport Security Checkpoint, please access Trinity’s Passengers First ( website or call our toll free customer service at 1-888-431-2865.  


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